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Never too late

When she was 18 years old, she dreamed of finding a good job to support herself and her family but had many challenges to overcome. When she was 25, she got her Learner Licence but when it came to sitting her Restricted, she was never able to overcome the challenges involved with sitting her test and so sat on her Learner Licence for 25 years. Being a solo mum, looking after her kids on her own, some of the challenges she faced were things like, getting a reliable vehicle to use to sit the test as well as enough money to afford the test and even though she could drive well enough, she never had any formal training and had picked up some bad habits which didn’t help her confidence in being able to pass.

Through our programme we were able to help her overcome all the barriers that she had for so long and all that was left was to sit her Restricted Licence test. She passed!

And having done so has reignited the dreams and it will help her find employment and in 6 months she will sit for her Full licence and be a fully legal driver.


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