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Tireless support

Brian is 82 years old. He lives alone and sleeps on a recliner chair with his cat at night – it is very comfortable. His closest family live in England.

Brian spent many years with the same company and his wife passed away quite a few years ago. He picks up and delivers morning tea for a local company each day. He enjoys going to the Working Men’s Club and to his bank and supermarket.

Each Tuesday Brian drives through busy traffic to one of my free community driver licence classes to help out. He even puts the table and chairs out on some occasions if he beats everyone to class. He is fond of road rules and has a very fast wit. Brian has taken many people for supervised driving practice over the past four years and many of them have passed their VTNZ tests.

Despite health challenges sometimes, Brian loves to get out and do things. He enjoys the simple things in life and I took him to McDonalds after class once for a Caramel Sunday, chicken nuggets and a coffee to acknowledge his 80th birthday and support for our students.

Kia kaha Brian. Your help is very much appreciated.


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I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Christine my amazing tutor who helped my flatmate and I achieve our leaners licenses. After having many cars impounded and stacks of money put through the court system over the years I'm finally on the road to being legal thanks to my extremely supportive tutor chris! You are one very patient woman and what a great thing you are doing helping people gain the confidence to go for it. Ahroanui Doug & Kan x

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