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Key part of a family story

There was a time when I was waved down in Otara by a former student from eight years ago. I had tutored him on literacy and numeracy back then, and helped him study for and pass his Learner Driver Licence Test. The court cancelled $6,000 worth of fines upon achieving that licence.

His Dad paid me to come to his house opposite Manukau Institute of Technology in Otara once a week. Dad struggled with his health and was getting on in age and was an old community supporter from way back. I spent about 45 minutes tutoring the son and then he would make me a cup of tea (or his sister) and I would chat to his Dad for another 30 minutes about Otara, education, Ministry Of Education, family etc.

After that, I had not seen my student for eight years. He greeted me with a hug, introduced me to his pregnant partner who was due to give birth soon (she is a teacher). He told me he now had a Restricted Driver Licence and used to drive his dad to church until he died about two years beforehand. My student is now a passionate member of his Dad’s church and looking forward to the birth of their first child. Next week I will be back there for a long overdue cup of tea and maybe an introduction to a newborn who will need a driver licence in 16 years.


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