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​Increased self-confidence

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

This success story is about a young man who overcame his lack of self-confidence and therefore passed his learner driver licence test...

A young man, who didn’t finish school and who currently has a full-time job, engaged in our programme with the help of the Police after he had been driving with no licence and had an accident.

He had sat the Learner Licence test 4 times already, trying to do it on his own and pretty much had given up on being able to pass it. When we met with him we found his knowledge of the Road Code to be pretty good overall as his mum had been practising with him. But he struggled with understanding the complicated language used. We managed to clear up the confusions and get him test-ready.

The main point of help he needed was that he had lost all confidence in himself in being able to pass. That along with the confusions on the Road Code language made the test seem impossible to pass. We took the time to coach him out of thinking that he was going to fail into believing that he was able to do it and that at this point he just had to get it done. The tutor met up with him and his mum at VTNZ and sat outside on the boot of the Tutors car doing some final practice as well as some much-needed confidence building!

He became quite nervous and although he had done very well while practicing he was hesitant to sit the test again. The tutor helped him overcome his nerves and got him to sit.

He got 34/35 and when he got his licence he walked out to the car where is mum was and said, “Move over, I’m driving!”.


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